Common Issues

Vent not properly sloped. The exhaust vent pipe is not properly sloped. This condition can lead to carbon monoxide and exhaust leaking into the boiler room. This is a potential health hazard and should be corrected by a heating contractor for health and safety reasons.
Vent pipes should also be screwed together for a more secure connection.

Boiler from the year 1901. This is not something that you want to see. Completely covered in asbestos. Burner should be replaced.

There are multiple hazards in wiring. There are multiple wiring problems and concerns which are electrical and fire safety issues. This condition is so bad that an electrician may need to substantially remove and replace large components of the electrical system for safety reasons.

Extension cord wire being used as permanent wire. This is a safety hazard and should be corrected by an electrician.

Roof has a soft spot when walked on. This is likely caused by deteriorated roof sheathing and possibly some of the wood framing members supporting the roof.

Stepping. The masonry siding is substantially damaged/deteriorated around some of the window lintels. (the structural support for the siding above the doors and windows.) This needs to be repaired in order to preserve the integrity of the structure and masonry siding.

Rust/Corrosion in main panel. The main electrical panel is partially rusted and corroded. This is due to water intrusion (water following the main service cables from the outside.) This should be further investigated by an electrician for safety reasons.

The drain pipe is sloped in the wrong direction. This will prevent full drainage of wastewater out of the pipe. This can be corrected by a plumber.

Squirrel living in attic. Actually stuck his head out and looked at me.

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